In the wake of substantial growth in the Cybersecurity Managed IT Sector, RADER, previously named Rader Solutions, will relocate to the former Piccadilly Building.

The move will allow for expanded Security and Network Operations Centers.

The 10,200 square foot building will accommodate the growing workforce of RADER, which nearly doubled its staff in 2019.

RADER currently employees over 40 people with plans to continue expansion and economic growth.

In a press release, RADER President Jacob Landry said, “The growth that made this move necessary is exciting, but we want to make sure that it makes us better, Our business strategy is focused on stable growth, and this is the next step to better serve our RADER team members and our partners who have made this possible. We expect to have an even more collaborative service environment while meeting the unique needs of our rapidly growing cyber-security division.”

The Oil Center Redevelopment Plan shows promise of a revitalized district, and RADER is enthusiastic about adding to the economic development and continued growth in the area. Relocation to the Core of Lafayette will enable RADER to further instill their five core values of Job of Choice, World-Class Service, Security, Continuous Improvement, and Community.

“Long time RADER employees have witnessed and understand the obsession our founder Chris Rader, has for service and the success of our partners,” says Landry. “Our values define the vision Chris had and build upon it. As we grow, we are committed to not losing the obsession and passion Chris built this company with.

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