Louisiana Ragin' Cajun relief pitcher Bo Bonds ended the 2022 season with a team-best 1.20 WHIP, 5 wins, 83 strikeouts, 55 innings pitched, and 23 appearances.

Unfortunately, his offseason began with Tommy John surgery, as the sophomore is currently rehabbing his throwing arm.

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Today, he got some good news.

With the 398th overall pick, the Toronto Blue Jays selected Bonds in the 13th round of the MLB Draft.

He was the first UL player selected in this year's draft, going 22 picks before teammate Tyler Robertson, who went 420th overall to San Diego.

Players selected on day 3 of the MLB Draft can be offered up to $120,000 to sign. Teams are not required to offer a specific amount, but can't go beyond that threshold for a day 3 draftee.

Day 3 of the draft consists of rounds 10 through 20.

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