If you ask ten people their opinion about the wearing of masks or face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic you'll likely get ten wildly different scenarios. Some will either staunchly support them while others will vehemently deny their usefulness.

However, if you're a public entity like the University of Louisiana and you want to play college football games this season you're going to side with the opinion that will most likely allow that to happen. And if you haven't figured out who holds the cards in determining whether or not we play college football this year in Louisiana let me suggest you look in Baton Rouge inside the Governor's mansion.

I don't mind wearing masks. I like the secrecy of them and the fact that most medical experts say face-coverings help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 that's just a bonus. However, if you look at this new public service video released by Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns you'll soon see those face coverings are just one more way fans can show their support.

One follower of the Ragin Cajuns on Twitter even commented that he'd love to have a Ragin Cajuns face mask to wear at his office in Baton Rouge. I love that kind of school spirit.

Oh, and don't think Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns are the only team in the state encouraging your compliance with mask mitigation policies. The LSU Tigers and Coach Ed Orgeron have their own public service announcement they'd like you to see.


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