The past several weeks have been a lot on the "wet side" for much of South Louisiana. Those falling showers have forced many parishes that have mosquito control departments or contracts with private companies for mosquito control to reschedule when they can spray for the biting bugs.

This departure from the normal spray schedule has resulted in some mosquito control departments receiving an above average number of calls about the bugs. In Calcasieu Parish, mosquito control officials say they've gotten over 100 calls about mosquitoes since Monday.

Those calls are not surprising when you consider we are in prime mosquito breeding season and the temperatures are not so sweltering that people want to be outside. This creates a perfect scenario for a lot more bug bites than usual across the I-10 corridor.

In the coming days and weeks, weather permitting, of course, many of the mosquito control spray schedules will return to normal. That should slowly but surely help decrease the overabundance of the blood-sucking pests in parts of the area that do receive spray service.

In the meantime, you'll want to Fight the Bite with approved sprays and creams if you or your family needs to be out during mosquito primetime. That's the time right around dawn and right around dusk. Besides the irritation and the itching, there can be health risks from mosquito bites that can be quite serious.

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