When you think chicken fingers to you automatically think of reggae star Bob Marley? I don't either. Obviously the estate of the music star felt there was some connection between Louisiana based Raising Cane's use of the phrase "One Love" and Marley's hit by the same name. Hit is probably not the best way to describe the Bob Marley song, it went to number 5 on the British Music Charts in 1977.

Regardless somebody in the Marley estate felt the chicken fingers of Raising Cane's were coming just a little to close to sucking milk out of their dead cash cow so they filed suit. The suit claimed that the phrase 'One Love' which is used by Raising Cane's in their advertising was somehow infringing on what they believed was their property. Many in the legal community did not think the Marley Estate had much of a case.

"The Marley estate would have to prove that there was some substantial likelihood that consumers of Raising Cane's products would be confused over whether the Marley Estate had anything to do with chicken fingers,"

Those are the observations of Loyola University Law Professor Dane Ciolino. He made those remarks to the Louisiana Radio Network.

It is widely thought that even though the Marley Estate's case was not a very strong one, the case was settled to simply make it go away. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. It is widely speculated that Raising Cane's will make some sort of payment to the Marley Estate in exchange for the continued use of the phrase "One Love" in their advertising and promotion of their chicken finger restaurants.