Firefighters by nature are not usually surprised by much. Their training and expertise usually have them ready to move at a moment's notice but a pair of firefighters in Ville Platte had a unique experience over the weekend when the fire station in which they were sleeping came under fire. No, not that kind of fire, gunfire.

Ville Platte Chief of Police Neal Lartigue spoke with KFLY TV 10 over the weekend concerning an incident that is believed to have happened about 4:30 on Saturday morning. At that time two Ville Platte firefighters were sleeping in the Lincoln Road station when someone shot at the building.

According to the TV 10 report, the bullets, there were multiple,  entered the building near the walls near the firefighter's sleeping quarters. Fortunately, none of the Ville Platte fire crew was injured.

The fire station does have security and surveillance cameras and equipment set up around the perimeter. Officers with the Ville Platte Police Department are scouring those tapes. Currently, there have been no arrests made.


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