It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas - it is the time for locally-owned restaurants to register to become a part of the 10th Annual EatLafayette campaign. EatLafayette is such a fun and exciting time here in Acadiana for many, delicious reasons! 

For those of you who are not familiar with EatLafayette, let me fill you in. I think
we can all agree that Acadiana has some of the world's greatest restaurants. The unique flavors and creative dishes are unlimited. EatLafayette is a special campaign that really highlights all of the amazing places to eat in Acadiana.

EatLafayette's mission is to showcase locally-owned restaurants while making dining out easier on our wallets. We all have that one special place to go eat out at. If you want to see your favorite, local restaurant in the EatLafayette campaign, let them know! This is a wonderful opportunity for any local restaurant.

One of my absolute favorite past times is eating, so the EatLafayette campaign is always very exciting and memorable for me. I love to cook, so it's always fun to see and taste such unique dishes from creative, local chefs. Click here to get the 2014 EatLafayette by registration form. Let's eat, Acadiana!