Have you taken a moment to appreciate just how nice the Broussard Sports Complex at St. Julien Park happens to be? This may be one of the finest municipal recreation complexes that I have ever seen. It pairs perfectly with a similar complex, and just as amazing, in Youngsville. The trouble with these sports complexes is that we haven't been able to send our kids there to play because of the coronavirus.

Well, now as things are looking up from the pandemic, it's time to start thinking about getting kids active and involved in sports and exercise. To help facilitate that the Broussard Sports Complex has announced registration is now open for boys and girls between the ages of three and fifteen to sign up for baseball, softball, or T-ball.

A player may register as an individual or they may register with a particular team. Regardless all kids who sign up will be placed on a team based on where that child attends school and what the physical address of their home happens to be.

There is a deadline to get your kids signed up and that deadline is fast approaching. It's February 1st, so you do have about two weeks to make your decision. If you need more information about the sports that are being offered or the registration process, Zack Leleux is the Sports Director at the Broussard Complex and he'd be happy to answer your questions. Just call (337) 330-2649

Hey Zack, a personal note here, have you guys ever considered having an adult-T-ball league? I think that would be a great way for us old fogies to get out and enjoy your facilities. You could use a Nerf like baseball so nobody could get to hurt and it would be fun watching adults attempting to hit a ball off of a tee, By the way, that's a lot harder than you think. Especially if you're wearing bifocals or progressive lenses and you have to look over your belly to find the ball.

Just a  thought, didn't say it was a good thought, but a thought none the less. Y'all get your kids signed up, they need to go outside and play.

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