There may be renewed hope for the Wright family of Lafayette as the New Zealand Herald is reporting that there are new satellite images that resemble the missing Nina yacht.

The boat has been missing for five months now and one of the passengers is Lafayette native Danielle Wright, one of the seven crew members on board.

The reports indicate that on September 15th images of what appear to be a boat were spotted about 184 nautical miles west of Norfolk Island.

Robin Wright, mother of the 19-year-old UL student was quoted in the New Zealand Herald:

"We have never lost hope that the crew of Nina is alive and well and that they will be rescued, but seeing that boat image is very exciting.

"We've been scanning all these images supplied by [satellite technology] trying to find that same image again to be sure that it's not just another boat that sailed through the area that happens to be the same shape and size as Nina," she said.

Nigel Clifford, Maritime New Zealand's general manager for safety and responses services says a better quality image is still needed for an official search to go ahead.