New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees may step into the broadcast booth the day he retires, according to Fox Sports' Clay Travis.

Some of Brees' best career moments have come on Monday Night Football. Could he spend his post-playing career on ESPN's most expensive property?

I interviewed Brees' former teammate Scott Shanle on my show last week. He spoke glowingly of Brees, noting he believed Brees would be a great color analyst when he retires.

Shanle felt Brees would be able to explain the game in lamen terms and point out a player's mistake without coming across as overly critical. The quality described by Shanle is one of many that makes former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo so good in the CBS booth.

ESPN offered Romo the Monday Night Football color analyst job, but he turned it down as CBS ponied up a giant contract worth around $18 million a year for 10 years to keep him in the booth.

Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning was next on ESPN's wish list, but he passed on the gig as well.

Will the NFL's all-time leading passer take the job even though he still plans to play for the Saints this year?

At 41, Brees reportedly told players at the Pro Bowl in January he was going to retire, before changing his mind and signing a 2-year deal worth $25 million annually to come back and play for New Orleans in 2020.

Per Travis, ESPN would not release official terms of an agreed-upon deal until Brees retires for two reasons.

One, it could create an awkward situation for a player who is still playing to eventually replace someone in the booth.

And two, Disney does not want to announce an 8 figure future deal during a time of immense layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you think Brees would be good in the broadcast booth? Many great players retire and struggle to stand out in broadcasting. Romo, while not as accomplished on the field as Brees, is more of an exception than the norm from a broadcasting standpoint.

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