Did a Popeye's franchisee just spill the red beans and rice about one of the most anticipated culinary returns of the year? Of course, we are speaking of Popeye's chicken sandwich which single-handedly started a social media skirmish with rival chicken chain Chik-Fil-A over the summer.

You may have been one of the hundreds left in the lurch when Popeye's announced they would stop serving the sandwich. The company reported issues keeping up with the demand. However, that demand seems to have not dissipated, at least in the minds and appetites of chicken sandwich fans.

One Popeye's franchise holder, Sun Holdings, says they are preparing for the return of the chicken sandwich sometime next month. The CEO of Sun Holdings was quoted by Bloomberg as saying their restaurants anticipate the return of the sandwich in early November.

In fact, the over 150 Popeye's locations operated by Sun Holdings have already announced plans to increase their staff in preparation for the expected onslaught of chicken sandwich crazed customers.

Just to be clear, the suggestion that the Popeye's chicken sandwich will be back in November has not been confirmed by corporate officials with Popeye's. The official corporate line from Restaurant Brands International is this,

As soon as we’re ready to announce a date, we will let the world know!

In the meantime, we'll just have to put our tastebuds on pause until we receive official word that the sandwich is coming back.


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