Whenever I see something that lists 'The Best' or 'The Worst', I always have to take a minute and remember that some of these are subjective, and an actual person had to put these together. With that being said, CareerCast has come out with their Top 10 list of the Worst Jobs for 2017. Do I believe all of these are the worst? No, especially since MY job is on there. But it is discouraging to see the media take four of the positions. According to CareerCast, the rankings were based on such things as growth outlook, environmental conditions, and stress. And just for the record, I think I have the best job in the whole world!! Their Top 10 are below, try not to cringe.

  • Newspaper Reporter - median salary $37,820
  • Broadcaster - median salary $38,820
  • Logger - median salary $37,590
  • Enlisted Military Personnel - median salary $27,936
  • Pest Control Worker - median salary $33,040
  • Disc Jockey - median salary $30,830
  • Advertising Sales Person - median salary $50,380
  • Firefighter - median salary $48,030
  • Retail Salesperson - median salary $22,900
  • Taxi Driver - median salary $24,300

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