James Shaw Jr is a hero. He not only wrestled the gun away from a shooter at the Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee on Monday, but he saved the lives of everyone else who was in the restaurant and in the line of fire. And this young man started a Go Fund Me page for the families of the four victims who died, and the others that were wounded. The original goal was $15,000, and so far it has raised $105,000. His humbleness has endeared him to a world that is somewhat numb to these horrific and senseless shootings.

And now someone is helping him. A reporter name Yashar Ali has opened a Go Fund Me account for this 29 year old who has cried just about every time he has spoken of the events of Sunday morning. And he doesn't care what Shaw will use it for. He just wanted him to know that he was appreciated. So far, over $75,000 has been raised, of a $100,000 goal. He deserves it. We need more people like him. God Bless, and give if you feel the need, or just pass it along. Thank you James Shaw, Jr.

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