I guess gravity doesn't care who you are or what elected office you hold. When you're up, it wants you to come down. Those effects of gravity have been felt really hard as of late by Louisiana Speaker of the House and New Iberia Representative Taylor Barras.

According to reports, Barras was trimming trees around his home over the weekend when he fell from a ladder. The accident resulted in a broken wrist and a fractured arm for the Republican lawmaker.

Currently, Barras' right arm is in a temporary cast as he and his doctors discuss what the next step in his treatment and recovery will need to be. Barras told USA Today Network,

It's my gavel hand; my bill-signing hand. I'm hoping (House Clerk Butch Speer) can help me master a left-handed signature

Barras lamented that the injury could not have come at a worse time as Louisiana's Legislature is set to convene on Monday. The weeks ahead of the session are usually filled with meetings and other obligations and having a broken arm and potential surgery on the horizon won't make the job any easier.

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