Problem: You got a gift card for Christmas to national chain, but it's not a place you like to frequent. You know you'll never use the card.

Solution: Walmart will exchange your gift card for for an eGift Card you can use online or in any of their stores.

It may sound strange, but it's true! The program is called "Card Cash." Don't expect to get face value for the gift card. According to the site, Walmart offers up to 97% of what the card is worth. For example, you can get $72.45 on an eGift Card for a $75 Target gift card.

The site says they accept cards from over 200 merchants. WBRC, a Fox affiliate in Birmingham, posted the story over the weekend and entered the values for several different retailers, from CVS to AMC Theatres to Southwest Airlines. Each was worth a different amount, from about 73% to about 97% of the value of the original gift card.

Simply type in the name of the business on the Card Cash site, along with the value of your gift card. Follow the steps and you can claim your Walmart eGift Card. You can also choose to exchange several cards at a time.

So, if you find yourself with gift cards from national retailers or suppliers you know you won't use, this may be an option for you. Happy exchanging!


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