In 1998, former Saints running back Ricky Williams was the hottest player in College Football. So much so he won the Heisman Trophy that year and if you've got the cash, you can own this piece sports history.

According to Ricky Williams sold his Heisman Trophy to private collector Brian Hobbs in 2014. The price he sold it for is undisclosed, but the price it could fetch is estimated to climb as high as $500,000.

Other than being rare, why is this trophy so valuable? It doesn't really have anything to do with Ricky Williams.

The reason why it's so valuable is that this is the last Heisman Trophy that will ever be allowed to be sold.

According to the listing points, every honoree following Ricky Williams has been required to sign away the right to sell his Heisman, meaning they can’t earn a dime off the stiff-armed statue.


You can get more information and check out the auction over at

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