The world's best athletes are not staying in the world's best residences.

As the vaunted hopefuls descend on Rio for the Summer Games, we're getting a look at where they'll be staying. Like the track and field slow poke who finishes in last during the qualifying heat, the accommodations are not impressive (and may not do much to enhance any feelings of amour that officials expect to strike).

Lack of outlets, lack of water, missing shower heads, sinks that have gone kaplooey and tape used to hold things up are just some of the issues plaguing the rooms. Athletes need their rest to compete at the highest level, but, if these photos are any indication, they may be better off hightailing it to the nearest Red Roof Inn and booking a room (do they have Red Roof Inns in Rio?).

To be fair, not everyone is experiencing this kind of mayhem, and if they are, they're not pointing it out:

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