A day at the beach has turned into a near tragedy for two Louisiana women following an incident Sunday afternoon. Cameron Parish Deputies say they were summoned to Long Beach at Johnson's Bayou shortly after 1 pm Sunday by a report of two females in distress in the water.

When deputies arrived on the scene good Samaritans had rescued one of the women. She was on the beach when deputies arrived but she was unresponsive. Deputies began administering CPR.

Meanwhile, two other deputies on the scene and a bystander went into the water to retrieve the second woman. She was successfully brought to shore and deputies said she remained responsive the entire time.

According to a story published on the KPLC website, the two women were reported to be from the DeRidder area. They were both transported to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur. At last report, the woman who was found to be unresponsive on the beach is said to be in the Intensive Care Unit.

The second woman, the one who remained responsive throughout the course of her rescue, is said to be in stable condition in that same hospital.

Authorities believe the women were victims of a strong rip current that was present along the Louisiana coast on Sunday afternoon. Rip currents are formed when waves break near the shoreline. That breaking wave then forms a narrow current of water retreating from the shore back into the ocean. These currents can be quite deadly to swimmers.

Anyone who swims along the beaches of Louisiana or anywhere along the coast should be cognizant of rip currents. They are not easy to spot from the shore and swimming out of them can be challenging to even the most experienced of swimmers.

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