This is so good.

Our friend, Meteorologist Rob Perillo is celebrating 34 years in the Lafayette television market, and today he is looking back on his first weekend broadcast here.

For Rob, it all started here at KLFY-TV 10, and on his first weekend broadcast, his colleague Chuck Huebner had him try a piece of cracklin prior to his weathercast.

As you can see here, it didn't go down so well and Rob was a bit "chocked up" on this southern treat.

Rob Perillo
Rob Perillo

You have to almost wonder if Rob's colleague set him up here knowing that he had never tried cracklin before.

Like Rob, I too have eaten a piece of cracklin right before a broadcast and the seasoning didn't settle well for me either. Lesson learned.

Let's throw it back 34 years and check out Rob Perillo's first broadcast in Acadiana and his first time ever trying cracklin.

On a side note, I somewhat miss these old-school news desks and graphics. For me, less was more.

Congratulations on the many years in Lafayette, Rob. You are the ultimate professional in meteorology and we are fortunate to have you in our community.

To many more years at KATC-TV 3!


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