New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan orchestrated a historic turnaround of the Saints defense. Why isn't he getting mentioned as a potential head coach elsewhere?

According reporter Chris Mortensen, Ryan isn't getting a serious look as an NFL head coach because of his magnificent hair.

Appearing on ESPN's NFL Insiders TV show yesterday, Mortensen admitted that executive around the league were thoroughly impressed by Ryan's coaching job in 2013. How couldn't they be? Ryan took over a defense that gave up more yards in 2012 than any defense in history. In one season in New Orleans, Ryan coached the Saints defense up to #4 in the league.

However, executives also told Mortensen that “If he wants to be a head coach, he has to cut his hair. It is about image for these guys. They want a CEO-type. That’s what they want.”

That's what they want? Isn't winning more important than image? I understand that image is important, but it's not as if Ryan has a Mike Tyson tattoo on his face. He simply has wavy, magnificent hair, that's a tad longer than the average NFL coach.

Ryan is a man of the people (as evidenced by stories like this one) He fit into the uptown New Orleans lifestyle perfectly. Don't look for him to cut his hair anytime soon. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and why wouldn't he, he just turned the worst defense in NFL history to a legitimate top 5 unit.

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