Apparently Russian officials contacted three states, including Louisiana, asking permission to be present at voting polls during the Presidential elections.

According to KATC election officials in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma each received a letter from Russia's consulate Alexander Zakharov, who lives in Houston, requesting to have an officer present at voting precincts. The reason? To study the "US experience in organization of voting process."

State Department spokesman Mark Toner says these requests are nothing more than a publicity stunt.

From KATC -

While there is a formal process for foreign governments to observe U.S. elections, individual states maintain the authority to approve or deny those requests, said State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

Apparently, there is indeed a formal process for foreign governments to observe U.S. elections. Each state however has individual laws concerning these requests. Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma allegedly rejected the requests. Or did they?

According to KATC, State Department spokesman Mark Toner says "Any suggestion that we rejected Russia's proposal to observe our elections is false. Individual parties - foreign governments, NGOs, etc. - are welcome to apply to state governments to observe our elections."

So, it seems that no, Russian officials will not be hanging out at voting polls. As far as the requests, and the denial of those requests, it's a little confusing.

Hey Russian officials, while we don't want you at our voting polls, come on down to Acadiana anyway. We'll have you loving you some boudin and speaking Cajun French in no time. Just bring us some good Vodka.



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