Anyone who has ever had animals around the house knows how just the slightest change in routine can bring disastrous results.. I know this first hand, y'all. And with the holidays almost upon us, I thought I'd pass along some tried and true safety tips for pets from the Humane Society of the United States, and some from my own experiences. Let's hope everything runs smooth at your holiday celebrations this year with fido and kitty!

  • Make sure any guests coming over know that you have pets. This is critical info, because if a visitor has a fear of dogs or cats, pets can definitely sense it, and might react "badly"
  • Try to keep them inside, and possibly in a crate or quite room if you are having a party or celebration. Provide toys and other distractions. We always put music or the tv on to soothe doggy nerves
  • Make sure guests don't feed your animals anything that might be harmful to them. These include chocolate, nuts, grapes, citrus, or any bones that could splinter
  • Make sure the trash is put out of reach. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • If you decorate for the holidays with greenery or poinsettias, just know that some of these are extremely poisonous or toxic. Just make sure they are out of reach from little paws.
  • Be aware that any low hanging tinsel, shiny decorations, or lights on a Christmas tree is sometimes too tempting for your furry friends to resist. Try to put them up  just a little bit higher this year.
  • Remember to have fun, and get plenty of pictures of your pets during this festive season. After all they are a big part of your family too. Read here for more safety tips from the Humane Society.


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