The New Orleans Saints now know the 8 teams they will be playing on the road in 2021, and the 8 teams they will be hosting at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. However, there is one exception waiting in the wings. The 17th game.

As normal, the Saints will face each team in the NFC South in a home and away game, The other NFC division they face in 2021 is the NFC East, and the AFC Division is the AFC East.

Here's a rundown of 16 Saints opponents for the 2021 season.

• Cowboys
• Giants
• Bills
• Dolphins
• Packers
• Bucs
• Falcons
• Panthers

• Patriots
• Seahawks
• Jets
• Eagles
• Wash.
• Bucs
• Falcons
• Panthers

One thing left to be determined is a 17th game, which the NFL has plans to add next season, and according to Albert Breer, will pit the Saints against the AFC South Division winner.

The AFC South champion will either be the Tennessee Titans or the Indianapolis Colts (to be determined this Sunday).

Whether the game will be played in New Orleans, Nashville, Indianapolis or somewhere else is yet to be determined.

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