Football on a Thursday night? In the middle of the summer? When I haven't gotten to watch contact sports in months??? Yeah, you can count me in!

I didn't have any plans for tonight, but now I do. When I saw this tweet, I immediately got excited @Saints

Now, I didn't know exactly what 'enhanced' meant, until I watched this tasty little replay of a Brees to Hill DAGGER that began a tremendous comeback on the Houston Texans back in Week 1 of last season. The clip is accompanied by additional camera angles, tidbits from Brees on the play, plus more cool stuff.

I expect a lot of behind the scenes, player commentary, and general 'football guy' content to be added into what was already an electric game on its own.

This Monday Night game was a tremendous start to the Saints' season as it was capped by a masterclass of a drive piloted by Mr. Drew Brees himself. If you can't remember how it ended, I won't spoil it for you (but you will get a kick out of it).

The replay begins at 7PM-CT according to Saints VP of Digital Media, Doug Tatum, and we will be able to watch on the Saints website or app as well as Facebook and Youtube. Check out his tweet here @DougTatum

I hope all of my fellow Saints fans, and maybe even some Texans fans who are just trying to feel something, tune in to catch a piece of the excitement that is sure to be packed with entertainment to hold us over until this upcoming season kicks off.



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