If you want to kick off your weekend with some nice news that might just make you cry a little bit, you're in luck: Today in San Francisco, the Make-A-Wish foundation is helping a five year-old cancer patient named Miles live out a wish to become Batman. Thanks to the overwhelming support of volunteers, they've been able to send Miles on an adventure of rescuing citizens, battling supervillains and even getting the key to the city in an effort to give him the best day ever.

Even the San Francisco Chronicle has gotten into the act, printing a Gotham City Chronicle special edition that details Batkid's adventures, with stories by Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Brenda Starr and Perry White, apparently on loan to the West Coast from the Daily Planet. Check out the full page below, and get ready to awwww.

San Francisco Chronicle's Batkid Special Edition



I have to say, as nice as it is for the Chronicle to get in on celebrating Miles's day of superheroics, it's kind of a jerk move from Perry White to blow his secret identity right there on the cover. I mean, come on, that secret identity is his most valuable tool as a crimefighter! Fortunately, Miles is taking on both the Riddler and the Penguin, so San Francisco should be free of super-crime once he's done -- at least until Laura Hudson comes out of retirement to menace the world once again.

The particulars of the plots Miles is up against today include a bank robbery and the kidnapping of a seal, so they've definitely recreated the exact sort of evil that Batman has to fight on a daily basis:

The entire city of San Francisco seems to be joining in on the event, which from the photos seems equally fun, heartwarming and life-affirming. Keep up with Batkid's great day in real time by following the #SFBatkid photo stream on Twitter.

Good luck out there, Batkid! We're all counting on you.

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