The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is sending out a warning alerting consumers to a "HazWoper" scam making it's rounds. Numerous South Louisiana consumers have been conned out money with hopes of receiving certification for possible employment.

"HazWoper" stands for "Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response". The BBB is warning that people are reporting that they paid $100 cash to take a two day class, and were given certificates that certified them for "HazWoper" employment. These people were later informed by potential employers the Certificate of Training was fake.

The BBB says "residents heard about the scheme through Facebook posts. After locating the post, BBB discovered the business involved, Roch Services LLC, stated the classes would be taught by an “OSHA certified instructor” and they asked potential employees to pay $100 of the $250 certification fee “to be sure they were serious about the opportunity.”

As part of the application process for this "HazWoper" scam, people were also asked to provide Social Security and banking information. This of course leaves applicants open to identity theft.

If you or someone you know have been taken by this scam, please contact Better Business Bureau at (337) 981-3497 or

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