Judging by the turnout, people in Acadiana were ready to party for St. Patrick's Day! Here are some scenes from Townsquare Media's Patty in the Parc 2018:

Patty in the Parc

People were lined up well prior to 5pm to get in to Parc International for Patty in the Parc 2018!

Patty 2018 Schedule (Photo by Michael.Scott)

Just one hour after the gates were open, this was the scene:

Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

People were filled with the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!

Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by Kevin Romero)

The night opened with the Chee-Weez:

Chee-Weez at Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

Romacelli's crew was working hard, but at least they had great music to work with!

Romacelli's cooking team at Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

The EmCee's from Townsquare Media backstage, just before the Gin Blossoms hit.

Patty EmCees Michael.Scott, Jobo, JayCee (Photo by John Falcon)

Dawn (the person who coordinated the whole evening) and JayCee backstage while the Gin Blossoms were playing.

(Side note: people frequently ask how "cool" it is to be backstage. To be honest, there's a whole lot of trying to stay out of the way of the stage crew (they work REALLY hard in a SHORT amount of time, trying to stay on schedule), and the sound isn't good backstage. You mostly only hear the drums, as most of the rest of the sound is directed towards the crowd. Frequently, people on the front row are closer to the band than we are!).

JayCee and Dawn with Gin Blossoms at Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

Here's a shot of you guys during the Gin Blossom's set:

Gin Blossoms at Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

Just a snippet of the Gin Blossom's "Till I Hear It From You":



Looks like some fun was had!

After Patty in the Parc 2018 (Photo by John Falcon)

The Official After Patty Party was on the Patio at Legend's and Marley's, with DJ Digital:

DJ Digital on the Patio at Legend”s After Patty Party (Photo by John Falcon)

The Patio was packed!

(Photo by John Falcon)

Patty in the Parc 2018 can be summed up in 3 words: So. Much. Fun!!

The Chee-Weez are always a blast, HWY 90 brought a great mix of music (they killed it with Styx's "Suite Madame Blue" as their finale!), and the Gin Blossoms were a hit!

Thank you for coming out to Patty in the Parc 2018. Corona Premiere and 360 Vodka were proud to sponsor the event, with the help of ARDCO Equipment, Greg Tilly, Romacelli, Orange Theory Fitness, Waitr, and Schilling.

Of course, the event would not have been successful without you, so THANK YOU FOR COMING TO PATTY IN THE PARC 2018!!

(Send pics of your St. Patrick's Day celebration to jc@999ktdy.com and I'll add them to this story!)