Schilling Distributing Company has sent out a press release informing Acadiana customers that Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Natural Light and Busch beers may be in short supply over the next few weeks, including Labor Day Weekend. Yep, it's got something to do with Hurricane Harvey. Here's what's going on...

Schilling Distributing Company says they will have "limited inventory for Acadiana in major beer brands" due to the flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey. Schilling says the Anheuser-Busch plan in Houston isn't flooded, but is forced to work and operate in a limited capacity. This limited capacity will limit how much product will actually make it to Acadiana.

From Schilling Distributing Company -

Though the brewery did not flood, the majority of workers have been/are unable to get to work due to flooding on roads in Houston area.  The flooding of roads also prevent 18-wheelers from delivering ingredients to brew the beer such as Rice and Barley.  It also prevents 18-wheelers from being able to deliver finished beers.

Schilling recommends before you head out to buy any beer over the next few weeks, you can check availability with Schilling Distributing's free Liquidfinder App, which is available on Apple or Android phones at

Look, we dodged a HUGE bullet in Acadiana with Harvey. If not having any cold ones for a few weeks is the price we pay, I think you'll agree, it's completely worth it.


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