Some of the greatest scientific innovations have been the result of what the great fuzzy headed painter Bob Ross would call a "happy accident." Science is very inexact. It's a tedious progression of trial and error. It's a lot of back to the drawing board when  it comes to making a breakthrough.

However, every now and then an observant scientist will get lucky. Did you know that Viagra wasn't really invented for the reason most of us think it was invented? Velcro came about due to similar circumstances. I would not recommend using those two discoveries at the same time just in case that thought crossed your mind.

Here's the scoop on the latest scientific goof that came  up smelling like roses or should I say pancakes. A group of researchers at University College in London were working on a cure for glaucoma. If you don't know much about glaucoma it's a condition where fluid builds up in the eye .

In doing their research these scientist used pancakes as a test material. Apparently the physical make up of a pancake is very similar to the physical make up of your eye. The scientist were actually investigating how the fluid to flour ratio created different scenarios for their research. That's when they came up with an incredible find.

Unfortunately their incredible find had nothing to do with glaucoma but they did discover for the perfect pancake you should add 1.75 cups of water for every one cup of flour you use. This ratio of water to flour will give you the smoothest batter for making light, fluffy, and golden brown pancakes. Which you might not be able to see if you have glaucoma.

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