Sea creatures are constantly on the hunt for their next meal. But one seal decided he was going to work smarter instead of harder and hopped on the back of a boat to enjoy a buffet of his own. The video from men on-board the boat is exactly what you needed.

Check out the video from @RexChapman below.

They say we know more about space than we do about the sea. I certainly believe that is true any time a video like this comes across my timeline.

Sometimes the internet brings about soul-cleansing videos and I believe this is one of those moments. A feeding frenzy of birds turned into a pop-up visit from a friendly sea-creature for these boaters.

The way this majestic beast hopped up on the back of this boat was so smooth and perfect, I had to rewatch the clip multiple times. When this seal saw an opportunity to grub, he was not missing out.

After getting his fill from what was basically a buffet at the back of the boat, the seal popped back into the water to continue about his day in what looks like an absolute paradise of a habitat to live in. I hope the guys on-board the boat remember this moment, cause it truly seems like a once-in-a-lifetime situation.

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