We all remember the one and only, Blockbuster. Well, since they’ve gone out of business, nearly all of the Blockbuster buildings have gone on to be the home of other things like Spirit Halloween, vape shops, or some retail shop that looks awkward because all we see in our minds is the movie rentals when you step inside.

According to CTVNews, there is still one Blockbuster in Georgian Bluffs, Ontario, Canada that is still an actual Blockbuster, only without the inventory. Even though it’s just the shell, it is still a Blockbuster on the outside with the classic sign and the blue and yellow awning. It's one of the last intact Blockbusters in the world.

Owen Sound Blockbuster (Google Maps)
Owen Sound Blockbuster (Google Maps)

Before streaming, Netflix, and Redbox, we lived at our local Blockbuster. We walked the “New Releases” aisle looking for the entertainment for tonight. Or, this time of year, we would be scrolling the “Horror” aisle for movies to watch for Halloween. And don’t forget the CANDY. They had the best candy selection ever. The memories that we all have when you say Blockbuster is exactly why there is a petition going around to save it forever as a museum. Yes, a MUSEUM. As crazy as that sounds, they have more than 1,800 signatures so far.

The petition reads, “This site is of great importance to millions of people across the globe who grew up with this icon. Imagine getting to share the magic of Blockbuster with future generations by keeping this potential museum intact.”

Andrew Stuart started the petition in hopes that the building could provide tourism to the area.

If it did happen, imagine going in with your grand children to show them what choosing a movie was like when we were young. They would be in awe. What do you think?

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