In 2004 the world was forever changed as the legendary cult classic sports movie "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" was released in theaters. The movie starred Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and Rip Thorn. Not only did this movie bring dodgeball to the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist, but it also introduced ESPN's "The Ocho" to the world. Well, after almost 20 years we are finally getting a sequel.

As of now, we do not know who else is starring in the film besides Vince Vaughn. But if we are being honest the Globo Gym owner and team leader White Goodman played by Ben Stiller has to be in the film. However, it will be interesting to see who Vaughn's character Peter Lafluer will be battling in this movie. One thing that has to happen is the movie studio needs to bring back the entire Average Joe's team but add some young fresh talents to the team in the form of young comedic actors. And finally one last must-have for this movie is Jason Bateman as Pepper Brooks and Gary Cole as Cotton McKnight from ESPN The OCHO has to return in those roles. Arguably they were the additions to the movie that helped make it a cult classic.

Some may wonder, have we waited too late for a sequel, and do people still care about Dodgeball? I would say that due to streaming the movie has found a second life and a sequel would do well in the streaming era. I don't believe this movie will release in theaters but if you can watch from home due to streaming this sequel will be a hit. Hopefully, Vaughn and new script writer Jordan VanDina don't ruin the classic that is Dodgeball.

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