Tik Tok has become the NFL's favorite social media platform. From the different teams posting almost daily by asking different pop culture questions to players after practice to different players becoming viral sensations. One player who has grown his brand and popularity on the platform is Saints tight end, Juwan Johnson.

Juwan and his wife have become very popular on the platform sharing the page together and posting different types of videos from comedy videos to food-related content to Saints-related content. One segment that has become very popular is Juwan asking the different members of the team which player would you let marry your daughter. Juwan has asked everyone from Jameis Winston who famously said Alvin Kamara to Cam Jordan who said he would let any of his teammates because they are all good people. However, the majority of the team said Malcolm Roach or Chauncey Gardner Johnson. Well, we now have Sean Payton's answer to that very question.

Sean Payton On Which Saint He Would Let Marry His Daughter: 

Well, it looks like a no comment is better than a real answer. Coach Sean Payton really is one of the funniest coaches in the league. Just the way he handled that situation was hilarious.


Other Saints Players Answers: 


You Know You're From Louisiana



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