The search for a new Lafayette Police Chief could be reopened if the State Civil Service Board gives the prospect a green light according to our news partners at KATC.

If the State Civil Service Board does not give the Guillory Administration permission to reopen the search after only getting four applicants, then the committee will pick from those candidates.

When discussing the issue of finding a new police chief, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory said repeatedly in KPEL interviews that he wanted a national search for a candidate. KATC found that the position was not posted to industry websites.

If the State Civil Service Board gives permission for the search to open again, then it will be advertised nationally according to what the Guillory Administration has stated to KATC.

The Chief Communications Officer for Lafayette Consolidated Government, Jamie Angelle, told KATC "nothing against the four we currently have; we want to make sure we have the right person to fill the position."

Angelle says if they are no allowed to open up advertisement for the post again, the committee will pick the best of the four original candidates who have applied for the job.

The four men who have applied for the job are Lafayette Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Wayne Griffin, Lafayette Police Department Sergeant Paul Trouard, retired Louisiana State Police Lieutenant Eric Burson, and retired Lafayette Police Department employee Guy LeBreton.

At the beginning of this year when Josh Guillory took office, the former Lafayette Police Department Chief Toby Aguillard resigned after being asked to do so by Guillory.

The Current reports that the item to reopen the job selection process will appear on the agenda for the State Civil Service Board next week on Wednesday, August 12.


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