This past Saturday's election in Louisiana was pathetic. We the people of this state should be ashamed. If you voted, good for you. If you didn't vote shame on you. The turnout to decided our state's future last Saturday was 39%.

That means that only four out of every ten people voted. In football terms it's like only four of the players blocking while the other tries to run the ball. Even Leonard Fournette couldn't gain ground with those odds.

November 21st we have the chance to redeem ourselves and Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler told the Louisiana Radio Network the he gets it.

I understand, firsthand, the frustration of individuals but it’s certainly no way to exercise that frustration by just not voting.

There are 153 races left to be decided across the state including Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and a lot more local races. You can bet it's going to get ugly.

Still a lot of fireworks to go. Unfortunately, probably still a lot of negative ads to be had and listened to but on November 21st we’ll decide the remaining races.

If you didn't register for the October 24th election you can get registered for the November 21st runoff elections by visiting your parish registrar of voters office. Don't let rain or cold or the fact that there is a good game on TV hinder you from letting your voice be heard. Make plans now to either do early voting or go to the polls November 21. The future of Louisiana is riding on your decision.