These are the kinds of stories that really get my goat. I understand why the State of Louisiana had to step in and foot the bill for former Secretary of State Tom Schedler's indiscretions. However, just because I understand it doesn't mean I like it.

Figures released yesterday show that you and I, the citizens of Louisiana, spent $183,706 on the proceedings that eventually settled Schedler's sexual harassment suit with a former state employee.

The numbers break down this way. The state paid $149,075 in an effort to have the case and a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The state also funded over $34,600 in attorney and legal fees. Schedler also paid out over $18,000 of his own money to the victim in the case too.

Look, I am not suggesting that the victim, in this case, doesn't deserve restitution and compensation. I am just a little disappointed that you and I are having to pay for something we didn't do and don't condone.

I wonder if it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment to have Mr. Schedler pick up trash along the state's highways until that $183,000 plus bill has been settled? Based on minimum wage old Tommy would only have work 8.66 years to cover the debt.


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