Another week another Acadiana area school system trying to unravel allegations of misconduct. This time the investigation is happening in Evangeline Parish and centers around an incident that was alleged to have happened between a staff member and member of the administration at Pine Prairie High School.

Evangeline Parish Superintendent Darwan Lazard sent a message to employees of the school district last week. That message notified staffers that were allegations of misconduct between employees and the Superintendent's office would be investigating those claims.

At last Wednesday's meeting of the school board in Evangeline Parish, there were discussions about revising and changing some of the district's policies and protocols in regards to sexual and gender harassment. Superintendent Lazard did not elaborate on whether those discussions were connected to the current investigation of misconduct.

According to reports, the Superintendent's office does not have a specific timeline for when their investigation into the allegations will be completed. Superintendent Lazard wants to make sure the rights of the accused and the accuser are not compromised and that his investigation is conducted in a responsible and thorough manner.


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