The words sexual harassment, we think we know what it means don't we. I didn't and I am willing to bet you have an idea that is only partially correct. Is it possible you are being harassed at your workplace right now and didn't know it? Hey this goes for gals and guys.

It doesn't have to involve a boss and a subordinate, though power struggles are typically part of the equation, and while women are usually the victims, men can also be sexually harassed (the March controversy over the way the female hosts of "The View" treat their male guests is one solid example).

It all comes down to respect and being respectful but where is that thin blue line that we shouldn't cross over? Is complimenting an outfit over the the line? Is playful flirting over the line? The answers just might scare you into never opening your mouth at work again.

(via 5 things Brett Favre should know about sexual harassment - Manage Your Life on Shine.)