It's the weekend and you've been out with your friends and they just announced last call, do you go home? Of course not, you end up with most of Lafayette, at Mel's on Johnston.

Mel's Diner, located at 2956 Johnston Street in Lafayette, is the most iconic after-party spot in the Acadiana area. The food is legendary and servers like Tat, April, Annette and others are like local celebrities. And when Tat gets you a seat at 2:30 in the morning when the line is out the door, you feel like the most special person in Lafayette.

I got you ma baby. -Tat, a server at Mel's on Johnston


Facebook, Annette Young

Speaking of celebrities, many nights after shows at the Cajundome or Heyman Center, you might even catch a big star or two sitting at a table or booth just like the rest of us.

After back-to-back hurricanes, a pandemic and a kitchen fire, Mel's Diner on Johnston closed. A 24/7 thriving establishment for many years, closed. A pain-staking reminder of the new times we live in. It has been heart-breaking to drive by and see Mel's dark.

But finally, Mel's is coming BACK! Mel's is going through a major renovation and is scheduled to open in August. Due to delays in construction and the exceptional rainfall we've had in Lafayette the opening may be pushed back, we'll have to wait and see how fast construction crews can get the work completed.

Former Dining Area of Mel's on Johnston (July 22, 2021)

Staff Photo

Former Bathroom and Kitchen Area of Mel's on Johnston (July 22, 2021)

Staff Photo

Thousands have celebrated on these bare concrete floors after having fun at bars, concerts, Mardi Gras balls and more. And we'll do it again soon!

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