As it turns out, six-foot-long snakes are camera shy.

Authorities in India were summoned last week to remove a python that had gotten onto a school's property. While removing the creature, one man decided to take a selfie with it because in 2016 there is nothing more important than taking the perfect selfie (no matter how great the irony). The python, though, was not in the mood to go full on Kim K. and bit the man.

This isn't like posing with a fish you've caught after a long, hard day on the lake. Maybe just dispose of the python, go home and the wife and kids what happened. You don't always need proof. Selfies are not required.

This man can take heart knowing he's not the only to experience this kind of agony. A San Diego man wound up paying through the nose after a rattlesnake chomped on him like a gobstopper during their selfie. How sssssstupid.

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