One of the most talked about and controversial topics involving the nation's oil supply moves on to a Senate vote today.

The House of Representatives passed legislation last week to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

All of the Senate's Republicans have given their public support as well as at least 14 Democrats. The Senate needs a total of 60 votes for the measure to pass but Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu believes the votes are there.

The Republican leader of the campaign for the bill, Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota, was a bit more cautious. "I think we'll get there," he said, although he has counted only 59 firm supporters.

However, even if the bill passes, the White House has discouraged any speculation that President Obama would sign it.

The President said he wants an environmental review process to be completed. He also wants to let the Nebraska Supreme Court rule on the legality of a law that allowed state officials to select the pipeline's proposed route.

Proponents of the pipeline say that it will create jobs plus assure that the oil would be processed in America. Opponents argue that the project could hurt the environment. They also say much of the oil produced would end up going overseas.

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