Texas Refineries Gearing Up To Resume Operations
Hurricane Harvey shut down multiple refineries in Texas, idling about 25% of US production. Gasoline prices spiked almost immediately. There's good news on the horizon. AP reports, one of the country's largest refineries is gearing up to resume production...
An Oil Spiel- Sheen of Fear
I'm thankful my husband still has his job in the oilfield, but there are many families in south Louisiana who are suffering because of the drop in oil prices. I know it scares me, and it's a real fear for them.
Louisiana’s Future Is Right Under Our Feet, But At What Cost?
Could the next big oil boom in Louisiana be right beneath your feet? If you are in the northern listening area of 97.3 The Dawg, I suggest you be very wary of anyone wanting to secure mineral rights on your property in the very near future. What is the source of this whispered buzz being spoken abo…

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