Insiders in Washington, D.C. tell us that the release of the federal government's final report on the Deepwater Horizon disaster is imminent. Some sources close to the report say that it could be available for public consumption as early as today.

The rumor mill surrounding the report indicates that BP, British Petroleum, and its practices will be called in to question many times throughout the report. This news comes on the same day that the Interior Department is proposing tougher standards on offshore drilling and improved practices for underwater blowout prevention.

In the Deepwater Horizon disaster 11 offshore workers lost their lives. Many areas of Louisiana and neighboring states coastlines were affected by the oil that was spilled in the months after the disaster. Plans have been in place for over a year to help restore the area to pre-spill conditions. The Deepwater Horizon incident lead to a moratorium on offshore drilling and exploration in the Gulf that is still affecting the economy of Louisiana today.

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