A nationwide survey has placed Louisiana at the top of the bottom in another cringe worthy category. According to a recent survey done by the United Health Foundation, Louisiana is the worst state in the country for senior citizens. This is related to health care and basic peace of mind.

The Annual America's Health Ranking Senior Report for 2015 found our home to be not such a sweet home for our older citizens. Katherine Palmier is the Chief Medical Officer for the East Region of United Health Care and she explained to the Louisiana Radio Network just what this survey showed about life in Louisiana.

One of the biggest issues according to Plamier is dental care for our older citizens.

People with poor dental hygiene also have higher rates of illnesses like heart disease, because the inflammation in a poorly cared for mouth can cause inflammation in the rest of the body

Palmier went on to explain that a lot of Louisiana nursing home residents are not receiving  proper care. She also stated that food insecurity, or concern about where the next meal is coming from, is a big problem for our older citizens.

The fall to 50th in the country is not a huge plummet for the Bayou State. Last year's report found Louisiana to be ranked 49th behind Mississippi. This year Louisiana and Mississippi swap places with Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma rounding out the bottom 5. Meanwhile Vermont, New Hampshire and Minnesota were ranked as the healthiest states for senior citizens.