Louisiana has always been famous for allowing go cups in most communities across the state. Basically that means you can leave the premises of an establishment and bring your unfinished alcoholic beverage with you. Or you can just go in and order one to go. Well, in New Orleans, not anymore. As of 6:00 am Saturday morning, July 25th, New Orleans banned the unofficial tradition, and we have an upsurge in coronavirus to thank for that.

So we're not really that surprised that violations are already happening. According to NOLA.com, just hours after the new go cup ban went into effect, eight locations of Willie's Chicken Shack in the French Quarter were shut down by Metro New Orleans Police. A Company spokesperson said they could not stop patrons from exiting the establishments with a drink as they were headed out onto Bourbon Street.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell told NOLA.com "There was a lot of attention there and my task force was on the ground and as a result of that, those locations were closed and will remain closed throughout this pandemic until we get to a point where we can relax restrictions, but we're not there yet.

Willie's Chicken Shack joins several other bars across the state who were shut down due to violations of the new mandates against allowing patrons to congregate and drink inside an establishment, or nearby. They are: Frosty Factory in Lake Charles, Pelican Pub in Gonzales, The Sand Dollar Tiki Bar in Grand Isle, and Wo-de's Chill Spot in Harvey.



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