It is Severe Weather Awareness Week in the state of Louisiana and what better way to make us all aware of the dangers of strong storms and tornadoes than to have the threat of those storms in the area.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of Acadiana in the "Marginal Risk" zone for severe storms today. That means there will be a significant threat of storms and a minimal risk that some of those storms could reach severe limits or spawn tornadoes.

Have you ever wondered what's the threshold for a strong storm to be designated as a severe storm? It actually has to do with wind gusts in the storm, the threat of hail, and whether or not tornadic rotation is detected.

Forecasters are calling for scattered showers swiftly moving from south to north over the next 24 hours. This is part of that frontal system that dropped temperatures over the weekend being pushed back to the north as a warm front. There is actually a better threat of rain for tomorrow's forecast than for today's. So there could be a continued threat of strong storms in the area.

As always we advise you to stay close to your radio, watch our social media, and make sure you've downloaded our station app for your smartphone. We'll send out bulletins should conditions warrant all designed to keep you safe and informed.


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