I love it when women wear sandals, I hate it when men wear sandals. Let me explain, Men, the only time you should wear sandals are when you are at the beach or if you are Jesus. That's it, there are no other proper times for a man to wear sandals. For the ladies, those shapely feet and pretty painted toenails now that is one of the true joys of Summertime. Are you looking for some new sexy sandals, we've found a great selection at a price I think you will like. 

My personal favorites in ladies sandals are the basic flats. I like the girl next door look and I think that's what that style of sandals really lends itself too. There are certainly some sandals you can find with more than just a bit of heel to give you that shapely sexy walk that really turns the heads. Okay I like those too.

I just don't like looking down at the floor at the Wal-Mart and seeing knarly hairy toes, fungus infected nails and man feet poking out of a pair of yucky leather sandals. Come on guys, keep those toes underwrap, unless you're at the beach or your about to take a stroll across a lake.