Could the sexy taxi song be the next viral thing to take the internet by storm? If the Harlem Shake and Taylor Swift with goats can, I say why not?

Here in Acadiana, most of us don't use taxis as a primary form of transportation. In New York City, cab rides can be a way of life. In my experience in New York, the cab ride is usually very frightening and the drivers don't say too much, at least too much in a language I can understand.

This cab driver is different. His name is Shahid Nawaz and like a lot of us he passes his time behind the wheel singing. I guess he decided to entertain one of his passengers with this original song and the passenger felt it was worthy of the internet.

I think it could be a big deal. Just wait until the mixers and mashers get a hold of it and turn our buddy Shahid into the next Bed Intruder Song or Aint Nobody Got Time Fuh Dat. Ahhh the internet, making regular folks famous since Al Gore invented it. Just remember you saw it here first!

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