A chemistry teacher at Bayside Academy, Mr. Sam Small, was on Dauphin Island for Mother’s Day when he came across something pretty amazing. He and his wife, and two daughters were skipping rocks near the Audubon Bird Sanctuary when he spotted a tooth. He just didn't know how rare his find was.


According to WKRG, The tooth is approximately 1.5 inches long. Naturally, he was very interested in the tooth. Small posted it on Facebook page asking for help identifying it, as well as posting it on the Dauphin Island, Alabama Facebook page. He then contacted some experts, Michelle Hamilton from Bayside Academy, and Brian Jones, curator at the Estuarium on Dauphin Island. Photos were sent of the tooth to a paleontologist at the McWane Center in Birmingham, Dr. Jun Ebersole. Ebersole is the state expert on shark teeth. Dr. Ebersole informed them of just how rare the tooth is. He told them that the tooth dates back between 2.6 and 5 MILLION YEARS and comes from a Great White Shark. How cool is that? It’s reported to be in good condition as well.

Dauphin Island, Alabama Facebook
Dauphin Island, Alabama Facebook

Small said he is going to donate the tooth to a museum in memory of his late mother since he found it on Mother’s Day. That’s pretty special.

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