We've all done the drive thru thing at our local fast food restaurants. I'd like to think that most of the folks that work the drive thru are honest, hard working folks that are simply trying to put a little food on their own table.

For the most part my experiences at drive thru restaurants are uneventful. There was the one time I witnessed a fist fight between employees through the pick up window of a KFC but incidents like that are few and far between.

The guy in this video is somebody who has too much time on his hands and likes to mess with working  people. No he isn't an elected official, he is a jackwagon.

I still have to admire his sense of comedic timing and his acting ability, not to mention his ingenuity in putting this whole thing together. I laughed out loud at many of the responses coming from inside the restaurant. I am sure the employees didn't find it funny at all. If you have ever worked a drive thru

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